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I am a Portlandian! I love Oregon, but I am also biased as I've never lived anywhere else. The thought of leaving behind all Oregon has to offer is a little scary, so I never left. Although, I absolutely love discovering what new places have to offer. ​

My interests are wide and varied, everything from carpentry, to art, bouldering, anything outdoors, cooking, and farming (plus a lot more). I think that is why I love geography so much because it provides a space to study a variety of topics. 

My educational path has led me into GIS and not only learning how to apply GIS to my various interests, but also teaching it. I fell in love with teaching GIS as a graduate student at Portland State University and have had the opportunity of teaching GIS classes at Portland Community College. 

No matter which way my future path takes me, I know I will be bringing GIS, cartography, and geography with me wherever I go. 


I graduated with an MS of Geography from Portland State University and have a Graduate Certificate in GIS. Additionally, I have a BS in Geography with a minor in Sustainable Urban Development. 

Awards & Nominations:

  • William and Edith Rockie Geography Scholarship                                                         

  • 1st Place Student Poster Presentation – GIS In Action 2019                                                

  • Gamma Theta Upsilon – International Geographic Honor Society                                                       

  • Academic Excellence and Student Leadership Award             

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