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The courses listed below are courses I'm currently teaching or have taught in past terms at Portland Community College. If you are a student interested in contacting me regarding a class I teach, please email me at


GEO 170


GEO 244


GEO 265


GEO 266


GEO 240


GEO 270

"She was very organized, well-informed and educated about the topic being taught, effective in her communication, motivating to the students, helpful at all times and thoughtful."

"Alicia was really great at making students feel like we could ask anything and there really wasn't anything that was too dumb to ask in front of our peers. She even helped some of the students understand more advanced concepts from other classes that were tying into the fundamentals she was teaching us."

"This being an unusual term with a last minute shift from in-class to online, I thought Alicia did an excellent job adjusting and facilitating a positive learning experience."

"Alicia was really helpful. She explained the material in a manner that made sense. She was accessible, in terms of
office hours and email communications."

"Alicia was a powerhouse of a TA. She was extremely help during the scheduled labs, but she also made herself
available outside of scheduled times and on weekends. I would not have been able to pass this class without her
patience and help."

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