Master of Science in Geography

Portland State University – Portland, Oregon

Expected Graduation Spring 2021                                   

              Thesis Title: Mapping Sense of Place in Mount Hood National Forest

              Committee: Geoffrey Duh, David Banis, Rebecca McLain, Hunter Shobe

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

Portland State University – Portland, Oregon                              

Graduated June 2018

              GPA: 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Sustainable Urban Development Minor

Portland State University – Portland, Oregon

Graduated June 2009



PT GIS Faculty Instructor     |    3.2020 - Present   

Department of Geography, Portland Community College

  • Instructor of record for GEO170-Maps and Geographic Information, GEO265-Introduction to GIS, and GEO270- Building a Map Portfolio.

  • Implemented fully remote teaching techniques for online instruction of technical concepts and software systems, and organized class management

  • Class curriculum incorporates teaching spatial analysis, data management, geospatial concepts, cartographic techniques and design, data visualization, technical use of multiple software platforms, accessing/creating datasets, community collaboration, and management of projects and portfolios.

  • Designed course content and syllabus, prepared lectures and in-class exercises, created exams and study material to achieve course objectives, and served as student mentor

  • Maintain required lab material and assignments


Adjunct Professor    |    9.2019 – 12.2019

Department of Geography, Portland State University

  • Instructor of record for GEOG380 Maps and Geographic Information, meeting three times a week for 65 minutes each; class size-45 students

  • Designed class syllabus, prepared lectures and in-class exercises, created exams and study material to achieve course objectives

  • Maintained required lab section material and assignments

  • Implemented a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate multiple learning styles


Substitute Teacher    |    5.2019 – 7.2019

French American International School (Gilkey Middle School), Portland, OR

  • On-Call substitute for middle school GIS Design course, Design modules, Social Studies, Art, Music and other courses

Teaching Assistant    |    9.2018 – 6.2019   

Department of Geography, Portland State University

  • Taught a technical lab section of GIS 1 GEOG488/588L for three consecutive terms

  • Served as a teaching assistant for GEOG230 Environment and Society 1.2019-6.2019

  • Planned lesson discussions, group assignment critiques, graded assignments, and provided guided software application education



April 3, 2019: GEOG 230 - Environment and Society, Portland State University

April 17, 2019: GIS Design – Co-Taught, Gilkey International Middle School (French American International School




Cartographer/Cartographic Editor    |    6.2019 – 9.2019   

Portland State University   

  • Collaborative partner in producing spatial analysis and cartographic design for a book publication written by David Banis and Hunter Shobe called Upper Left Cities


Assistant Research Analyst    |    12.2017 – 6.2019  

Center for Spatial Analysis and Research, Portland State University         

  • Performed spatial analysis of environmental and land management data collected from the custom designed public participation GIS application for the Human Ecology Mapping project of Central Oregon Forests

  • Project management and project collaboration with US Forest Service, Discover Your Forest and other external and internal partnerships

  • Collaborative partner in writing and publishing a handbook for performing Human Ecology Mapping projects and US Forest Service HEM project report


Research Assistant    |    7.2018 – 9.2018

Department of Anthropology, Portland State University

  • Cartographer for Professor Jeremy Spoon in the Disaster as a Catalyst for Social-Ecological Transformation: Nepal Critical Transitions Project.

  • Project funded by a U.S. NSF RAPID grant #1560661 2015-2018




Cartographer    |    4.2019 –  6.2019

Desmond Cheung, Portland State University

  • Designed cartographic rendition of the ancient city of Hangzhou for a book manuscript.

Cartographer II    |    3.2017 – 11.2017

Center for Spatial Analysis and Research, Portland State University         

  • Working in partnership with U.S Fish and Wildlife to georeference and mosaic historical aerial photos of wildlife refuges in the Pacific Northwest.​

Navy map drop with waterline


ArcMap | ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Online | ArcGIS Server | Collector for ArcGIS | ENVI | QGIS | Google My Maps | Google Earth


Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | GIMP2 | Publisher


Familiarity with HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Visual Studio Code | Notepad ++ | Various CMS Platforms | WIX 


Dedicated | Teamwork | Problem-solver | Organization | Project Leader | Willingness to learn | Creative | Compassionate


Microsoft Office Suite - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access | Google Suite of Tools | Mac OS Office Software | Zoom | Social Media tools - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Carpentry | Construction | Small Business Owner | Organic Sustainable Farmer 





Milligan, A.R. and Wise, D.R., 2019, Potential Grazing Land Within the Pacific Drainages of the Western United States, 2011: U.S. Geological Survey,


Milligan, Alicia. "Map of Hangzhou's Sites" in Desmond Cheung, Urban Sites & the Imperial Order in Ming Hangzhou, book manuscript in preparation for the University of Washington Press.


Milligan, Alicia. Nepal Earthquakes April 2015 (map). Multiple Scales. In: Jeremy Spoon. NSF Grant Proposal. September 2018.


Milligan, Alicia. Nepal VDC Maps April 2015 (map). Multiple Scales. In: Jeremy Spoon. NSF Grant Proposal. September 2018.


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Banis, D., R. McLain, A. Milligan, and K. Harrell. “Socio-ecological Interactions in the National Forests and Grasslands of Central Oregon: Summary of Human Ecology Mapping Results.” Occasional Papers in Geography, Publication No. 8, 12-2019. (


Milligan, A., D. Banis, and R. McLain. (In publication). Developing an Interactive Online Mapping and Survey Tool for Human Ecology Mapping: A Case Study of the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and Crooked River National Grassland.


Banis, D. and H. Shobe. (In publication-2021). Upper Left Cities: Sasquatch Books.

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